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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NBA compilation from GEK episode #108

Thanks to eChie for subbing and hand for the raw!



  1. lol hamada

  2. good 5 mins.

    there a lot of raw videos still on youtube waiting to be subbed :( wish there could be new ones everyday. still thanks a million zurui

  3. @Dutch,
    yes so true, just not enough time in the day.

  4. I fully understand no complains at all, just wishing there were more like you.
    keep it up zurui! and ill be patient

  5. sumimasen,
    I will be patient ^^

  6. @Dutch, don't worry, no offense taken. I've been hoping for the same, more active GNT subbers. Since there is so much GNT content and not many active subbers/groups like the anime/drama scene, so many very funny clips go unsubbed. I wish we could put out more subs but alas, time is not on our side.

  7. theres an app for that, the subbing to english from japanese, i'd say 85% accurate and then fix the corrections, makes for incredibly easy captioning, anime subbers use it as well

  8. I find it unlikely for any japanese->english machine translation to be 85% accurate... Especially considering if it would have to do it from spoken language.

    Try google translate. It produces completely illegible sentences half the time. Their tech is good - it can't be much better than that unless it's some commercial software (==expensive as fuck)

  9. I too think it's unlikely that spoken language (especially kansai-ben) could be translated with a 85% accuracy ^^;

  10. I seem to remember a clip where if he misses the shot he'll get shaved live. And he did miss, not Matsumoto though XD

  11. @Anon, yes i believe that clip was "Bozu"

  12. @Anonymous

    The shaved head skit is already subbed!

    Thanks for subbing! I know you guys must have quite a library of skits to choose to sub, and you guys pick great ones every time!