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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is GakiFiles?
A:  GakiFiles is a Fan-sub group for the comedy team "Downtown" (Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi).

Q:  Who is GakiFiles?
A:  Zurui - Translator, eChie - Translator, SSSI - Translator, typesetter Chidegi - Translator, timer.

Q: What is this site about?
A:  This site is primarily to showcase subtitled works of Downtown and their related material.  Every so often we will post an amusing clip or translate a off-genre file.

Q:  Is this site free?
A:  Yes this site is free.

Q:  Can I download files to my computer?
A:  Yes, all files are available for download.

Q:  How many files am I allowed to download?
A:  There is no limit to the amount of files you can download.

Q:  What file hosting site(s) do you use?
A:  Since the closing of MU and several major filehosting sites.  We have been uploading our files to Rapidshare and Hotfile using  For those of you that are not familar with Mirrorcreator, it is a site which allows you to upload your files to several hosting sites at once.  Screenshots.

Q:  Why do I only see ads when I click on a link? 
A:  We use to generate revenue for donations to Japan. will insert a advertisement before allowing you to see your target page.  If you wish to continue after viewing the advertisement, please click the Skip Ad button. 

Q: Why do I see a survey after clicking on a link?
A: IF for any reason the "SKIP AD" icon does not appear or a survey etc appears prompting you to enter your information to continue, DO NOT proceed.  Refresh the page or re-click the download or watch link again.  If you continue to have trouble, please leave a message for us in the Chat Box or send us an email here

Q:  Why must I go through so many steps to download the files?
A:  In order to keep this site free for everyone, we use filehosts that require certain steps.  In turn we receive unlimited bandwidth for downloads.

Q:  What is the password?
A:  If you have downloaded a file from this site and require a password, the password is

Q:  Can I watch these clips online?
A:  We do have some files streaming for you to watch online here.  You can also use the labels system to find a file to watch, this feature however will be phased out eventually, as we will have all links to streaming videos on one page.

Q: How do I "combine" the files after I download them to my computer?
A: Download WinRar, and install.  After you have completed downloading ALL of the necessary "parts", "extract" the files using WinRar.  It will automatically be combined into the single video file.

Q: What media player should I use to watch the downloaded videos?
A:  We would recommend VLC or Windows Media Player CLASSIC

Q:  Can I make requests to have a certain episode translated?
A:  Request are taken, but due to the volume of requests there is no guarantee that it can be fulfilled.

Q:  How long does it take to typically translate a file?
A:  This is a difficult question to answer because of the many factors involved with each file.  On the average it can take several hours to several days to complete a file.  It all depends on how complex the translations need to be (timing, coloring, typesetting etc).  Also, if the file is being done by the whole team makes a big difference as well.   This is not our full-time job, so translations are usually done during our spare time.

Q:  Am I allowed to post your translations elsewhere on the internet?
A:  We have seen our work on various sites including Youtube and a few other streaming sites. Posting our work is fine, all we ask is that proper credit is given to this site.  A link back to this site would be appreciated as well. 

Q:  Are you on Youtube?  Veoh?  Facebook?
A:  On Youtube, our team channel is GakiFiles, no videos are posted there, but you will find updates and information regarding our other channels if they are deleted or suspended.  Please subscribe for the latest updates.  Facebook is "Zurui Otoko" and " Downtown - Gaki no Tsukai - Fan Subs", also "Gaki Files" and "Gakifiles Subs"  You can join our facebook page by clicking on the like button of the Facebook plugin.

Q:  Do you accept donations?
A:  Donations are accepted and very much appreciated.   If you enjoy our work please consider making a small donation to support this site.  Thank you!