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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hamada vs Kurano (Honkon) - It's true! I am attractive! #3

Hey all,
This episode is about Takahiro Kurano who is known to be a not so attractive celebrity. Kurano wants Downtown to help him prove that he is desirable to women and ask them to survey various women.  The women must choose who they would prefer to be their boyfriend, Kurano or a challenger.  This is the 3rd segment featuring Hamada as Kurano's challenger.  The loser gets a batsu.  Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for the subtitle. Do you know where I can find the previous episodes and the one after this?

    1. I am working on the one after this featuring Matsumoto. I do have the other 2 and will probably be doing those as well since this series seems popular.

    2. That's great! I tried to find them without subtitles, but I had no luck. I will just wait for your next video.

  2. WOW, youve been really busy! Thanks for all the subs!

  3. awesome man!! hope you sub more episodes from this series!

  4. Thank you for subbing stuff. :)

  5. Wooow thank you for your hard work!! thank you again.