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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Honjitsu wa Taian Nari - Drama

This drama was released in 2010 and stars the ever talented Tanaka Naoki.

On the morning that wedding planner Takako Yamai (Yuka) has to manage five weddings in the same hotel, Takako receives a letter. The letter demands that Takako cancel all the ceremonies or a terrible retribution will occur. Takako must now find out who sent the letter while making sure the weddings goes off without any further hitches. Through the process, Takako learns about the couple's secrets one by one.
Yuka as Yamai Takako
Asano Yuko as Sugiura Kaoruko
Ishiguro Ken as Yamamoto Go
Suzuki Ryohei as Misaki Kyosuke
Kurokawa Tomoka as Asahina Rumi
Tanimura Mitsuki as as Kagayama Himika and Kagayama Marika
Fukushi Seiji as Soma Eiichi
Hoshino Mari as Osaki Reina
Tanaka Naoki as Tokura Junichi

Subbed by: Fudgy Lumpkins

Episode 01

Honjitsu wa Taian Nari - 01_xvid by GakiMule

Episode 02
Episode 03 
Episode 04
Episode 05 
Episode 06
Episode 07 
Episode 08
Episode 09 
Episode 10


  1. can i ask u something when will you continue to translate the last 4 episodes of ashita ga aru sa
    please if you can translate it i would be more than a happy

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! I really enjoyed watching this.

  3. there is something wrong with episode 2...