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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Matsumoto and Mom Manzai

Hey everyone,
Here is Machan and his mom doing a manzai skit together.  Enjoy!

Watch - Youtube
Download - RS/HF/BS


  1. Thanks for subbing this guys, hillarious. She looks different than from what i remember in gakitanic.

  2. Maybe because she is like 10 years or more older since then. She must be close to 70y in this video.

  3. Thank You! Very much

  4. Very funny! Simple, but funny.

  5. haha excellent =) thank you very much for the subs, i watch this video some time ago without subs, always wonder what they were saying!

    for those who haven't seen the original sketch they did in this video :

  6. Did she win the watch? I need to know.