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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Downtown - Verbal Abuse

Thanks to Vanilla for subbing this one. Enjoy Downtown being verbally abused by Cocorico and Yamasaki.

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  1. Completly INSANE lol
    in the end i loled haard hhhh

  2. Now that was a funny clip! Tanaka almost screwed up, Yamazaki went crazy for 2 minutes, and Endo got the beat-down of his life.

  3. dude i was not expecting that beatdown at the end. hahah i sure Endo wasn't expectin it either. too freakin funny. Thx Vanilla Ice!

  4. Poor Endo. Matsumoto poured hot water on him, then it wasn't funny anymore.

  5. That was great, but man, how can they pick their duo name as the bad word? That's just unfair!

  6. That was awesome! The ending was the best, but feel bad for Endo, the bad word chosen was goin to be said eventually. Thanks for the upload!