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Monday, January 16, 2012

Deluxe in the raw?

Have you ever wondered what Matsuko Deluxe looks like without make up?
eChie has posted a few pics... wow!
eChie's blog


  1. Who the hell would wonder that ahah

  2. Personally, I've wondered why they have to keep bringing him/her back. I know they get a kick out of the supposed torturing of Endo, but it's gotten really old at this point and isn't nearly as funny as the ongoing Chono slap.

    Also, Matsuko as their first encounter this year at the site was pretty weak compared to the various director and receptionist cameos in previous years. Makes me wonder if someone else had to back out last minute and they threw together the Matsuko Deluxe bit.

  3. matsuko is hilarious. a great big drag queen with a commanding presence and sudden mood swings between arousal and violence? that is funny as hell

    they keep bringing her back because her persona is so intimidating. yeah she has a huge 'crush' on endo but she also dumps on tanaka and yamasaki, which is funny in juxtaposition to her preferential treatment of endo. remember in newspaper where she said tanaka had pubic hair on his head, and slapped him around? or in hotel man where she gave yamasaki the death grip and staredown?

    her comedy comes in because she so aggressively and skillfully transgresses orthodox gender roles, which fits really well in the 24h batsu games as the whole point is to create an absurdist farce which is makes laughter inevitable

    as soon as the curtain came up and i saw matsuko lounging like an empress, i knew it would be hilarious. the fact that she refused to speak to them directly added to the joke. i hope they keep bringing her back