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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Goodbye Yamasaki

Not sure if everyone has seen this one, so I'll post it here.

Sorry but the video quality is not the greatest.

Subbed by BlackGaki



  1. Thanks for posting this! I managed to grab it off of YouTube one time before it got taken down, but it's really good to know it'll be somewhere where it won't be hunted down like on YT.

    Too bad there's so much stuff subbed by BlackGaki that has been lost forever. According to his blog his computer broke down and he lost everything he had and pretty much gave up. I remember he had subbed some Itao skits like King Boner and that one where the cast is playing some tennis game and he keeps getting in the shots and demanding to be paid for his appearance.

  2. @njdss4, yeah it's too bad he stopped. Hopefully someone saved those clips before his channel got deleted.

  3. Every time I show gaki no tsukai to people and they start getting into it, they always tell me that they don't find Endo and Tanaka funny. If you ask me, they are the weaker link. My favorite is Matsumoto but I find Yamasaki very funny and would be sad if he really left.I like all 5 of them but Yamasaki is not unpopular.

  4. IMO I found that actually endo is quite funny (and really daring, dare to play pranks to trap Hamada), but tanaka is not too much.
    my fav is Matsumoto as he always crack jokes sine he is the boke
    Yamazaki also funny, each of them have different quality, we cannot have all of them funny (it would not be funny anymore if everyone funny), we need someone who could play as the "straight" person
    also Tanaka was really funny especially don't get scared part in batsu game

  5. Waaah, so this part about the Yamasaki and Jimmy Onishi feud...they really didn't like each other?

  6. @Michiru, the Yamasaki vs Jimmy episode is subbed on this site, look on the watch or download page.

  7. So you know, yamasaki does this often, apparently. It's just a joke and he isn't really leaving

  8. Thanks for the video!

    Does anyone know the name of the song that starts playing at 15:00?