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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Team Fight - Giant Sumo Wrestling

Thanks to eChie for subbing and hand for the raw file.

Youtube pt1, pt2


  1. thank you for posting super funny!

  2. the second guy on the red team was super funny when he started boncing on the opposing teams sumo westler..haha..thanks for posting.! (:

  3. I like these sort of videos much more so than the Gottsu ee Kanji ones. Kiki and Absolutely Tasty are OK too, but the tournaments/competitions are the best.

    Thanks for subbing (I have been following this blog since it started!)

  4. Thanks. I love the team stuff, though I find the Gaki vs Ameagari etc battles funnier.

  5. Thanks a lot dude, great work, and lot of fun!!