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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kozure Okami

Thanks to Dith for subbing this one.



  1. Dith:
    Don't be silly Zurui, you improved the overall translation by far :-)!
    Although there are a few mistakes I left there :,,3,. - instead of 32, 1st cut. Sense - instead of Sensei." Last but not least, you corrected Nishikawa-kun's name.
    Anyhow, thank you for doing my dirty work Zurui :-). Should I visit Japan in near future, I'm going to take you to a maid café :D!

  2. Thanks Dith&Zurui for subbing this it was hilarious :)

  3. I got halfway through before I realized that I had no subtitles. My Japanese is getting better! Thanks for this Dith!

  4. Real Madrid fanOctober 20, 2011

    Real Madrid fan

    I luuuurvs Gotsu ee Kanji and thanks for all the hard work but.... I beg of y'all... please do Matsumoto Chousen T_T I'm delaying watching those clips coz I know it'd be 10 funnier with the subs.

    -From your undying fan :3 love from the Philippines :D

  5. @Dith, maid cafe? lol I've never been to one as of yet ;) but you've peaked my interest :D

    @Real Madrid, I'm pretty sure someone on the Downtown fan page is working on Chousen, you might want to check there.

  6. @Zurui, lol! That answer. Listen, if I should not have the money by the time I visit Japan, I'll do the maid :-)! Hope you like tsundere x)! I can do that all day long !


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