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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Yama-chan

Sorry for the lack up updates, I'll get more clips up as time permits. Enjoy Yama-chan's birthday party.



  1. LOL its like a batsu game just for him
    and seems like there is no such thing as being gay in japan

  2. Thank you Zurui for another upload, but I must ask: what exactly did happened to Yama-chan in the ending?

  3. Is there a part 2? We didn't get to see what Fujiwara's gift was.

  4. @anonymous#2... im not japanese but im guessing the underwear had like super glue or something of that sort cause it looked like it was sticking to him pretty badly.... but im just guessing. thx agin Z...

  5. HAha at 8:21 he is probably muttering curses at Hamada-san :)


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