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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chage Baseball Tournament and Manzai

Sorry for the lack of updates, things are quite busy at the moment. We'll be releasing some new material soon, so stay tuned! Here is Chage Baseball, subbed by the folks at DTFS.



  1. Thanks for uploading another vid! Haven't seen this one yet! Is DTFS still around? I thought they had shut down a long time ago.

    Side note, I know you make a little money off of the adfly links, but they're becoming increasingly dangerous to use. I've had my computer block a couple of viruses from adfly, and to make matters worse, while trying to download today's video I got 35 separate message boxes that I had to individually close so that I could get to the fileserve page. I can't hit Back or Reload or anything until I close all the message boxes. Just FYI.

  2. njdss4,
    I think DTFS are inactive at the moment, I haven't seen a release from them in awhile. Thanks for letting me know about the adfly problems, I've emailed them about it and I'm waiting for a response. Is your njdss4 channel up and running? If so, I'll update the link.

  3. Thanks for this, I enjoyed Matsumoto's story. I couldn't really follow the baseball game because of the musical interludes, but I really liked the manzai.

  4. Thanks a lot!

  5. OMG heipo has a good arm

  6. Z, you dont gota apologize for not updating dude. you've provided so much to ur fans. so just take care of ur business and do what you gota do. thanks for everything.

  7. I love the videos, browse this site petty regularly for updates. I haven't noticed any problems with adfly, like some of the previous posts - but, my anti-virus blocks putlocker, and I'm not inclined to bypass it. :)

  8. Thanks as always. I check the site daily for updates.