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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sukima Otoko - Washing machine hose

I found another Sukima Otoko episode, enjoy!

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  1. thanks a lot man..great work.

  2. can you please sup more kiki and absolutely tasty. i love those series!

  3. I have no idea why, but these skits ALWAYS crack me up.

  4. thanks a lot !

  5. Thanks a lot Zurui. Sukima Otoko skits always hit the funnybone for me. How are you coming across the skits right now? Are you looking to sub others?

  6. @dz,
    Actually I'm pulling them from the Gottsu ee Kanji DVDs and sadly I don't have any other files of Sukima Otoko...

  7. Hey Zurui!!!

    Thanks for an awesome clip and for all hard work you do for us!! :)

    I was pondering gaki's site and got an interesting clip from a grat up-loader there that you might sub some day!! :P

    I am not sure whether you have seen it or not!! So just letting you know.. ;)