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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miracle Ace - Missing episode

I'm not too sure about this episode. It doesn't fit with the rest of the Miracle Ace series. Maybe it's a missing episode or a test.

I am also testing an alternative hosting site to host files. After you skip the ad, your download will start immediately with no capture input needed,  also PARALLEL downloads are OK. The download links are posted below the video file.

Please leave me your feedback regarding this method. Thank you - Zurui

Miracle Ace alternative download - here


  1. Download is wayyy too slow, I'm getting about 5-10kbps. Heck, waiting for fileserve's 30 seconds + downloading the file is still faster.

  2. Works fine for me, 14 secs for the first file, 10 secs for the second one.

  3. Download dont start, error.

  4. I like it, thanks!

  5. Works good for me, I like not having to enter a capcha and waiting.

  6. I can't download, maybe this server doesn"t work for my country (Brazil), can you upload in the old server?

  7. 30kb/s , but is it really necessary to split 2x20mb files :-/? I liked filehost, yes you had to type in a captcha code but the speed was quite reliable and you could upload big files.

    And of course nice work. Anyhow, is it even required to thank you for the work :P? It's almost always good :)

  8. Hi all,
    Thank you for your input. It seems it's getting mixed results so I'll look for another host.
    I split the file to test parallel downloading.
    All files are hosted on Fileserve. This is just an alternative for those that can't use Fileserve, something with no captcha and allows parallel downloading.

  9. Testing another new host, your feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you

  10. Whatever host you got up now is awesome. Got over 1 megabyte per second.

  11. Link is dead

    1. the youtube one i meant.. the dl works


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