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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aho Aho Man - Aho Aho Fire & Beam

Here is another Aho Aho Man skit.  Enjoy!

I am testing a new host, please give me your feed back.  Thank you

Alternate download - Please give me your feed back.
Fileserve download


  1. hey thanks for the post AHO AHO MAN never fails to make me laugh all throughout on 1 episode thanks zurui ^^

  2. Thanks man, i love this series :D

  3. the alternate download is pretty good actually..quick and simple

  4. The alternate download is great. i prefer it by a long way. easy and fast speed

  5. download speed is as fast as fileserve, 5 sec wait time, and without captcha.

  6. Posted this in the one below, but reposting here since this is more recent.

    "Whatever host you got up now is awesome. Got over 1 megabyte per second."


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