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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ghost Train (Otoshimono) - Movie (re-upload)

This is a horror movie but stars Itao Itsuji so I'll post it.

On her way to school, high school girl Nana sees a train accident. But this is just the beginning of the nightmare that awaits her. Nana and her friend Kanae come across various bizarre phenomena, including red fingerprints and a female spirit who "lives" on the station platform. One day, Nana's younger sister is lost, and the only possibility seems to be that she had been taken by these spirits.

Shun Oguri
Erika Sawajiri
Itao Itsuji

Click here to watch and download this movie.


  1. lol, I only post to complain :-p

    anyway, when I try to download it tells me my computer can't read the file and then won't download it. It makes me a sad. Itao is too amazing/dorky to miss.

  2. @John,
    lol no worries, I'm glad you notify me if there are any problems with the links or files. I'll check it out. Thanks!