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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mr Bater - Doctor

Subtitles/Timing: eChie


  1. lol.a regular doctor would write down the process in german.... why german??

  2. @Anon,
    lol yeah why German? Gotta give props to eChie for this one, she's not a native English speaker but she did quite well IMHO :D

  3. ^do japanese use a lot of german medical terms? like how they call x-ray by its inventor's name 'roentgen'

    btw thanks eChie! great subs,love these skits

  4. @Anon

    Yes, Japanese doctors use German to write on hospital charts.
    (Actually they call it Karte, too.)
    Also we use quite a lot of German words in Japanese, such as Doitsu (Deutche?) or Arubaito(Arbeit)..which is very interesting if you think about it.

    Thank you very much for your nice comments!
    I will keep up my work, so please visit here sometimes and let me know if there is any mistake lol

    Cya :)