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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

KiKi - Yakisoba - re uploaded

This is a classic episode where the punishment is the Chinko Machine.  Props to eChie for this one!

(set view ratio to 4:3 for best results)

Subtitles/Timing by: eChie
Download link available here


  1. The colors were all mixed, and changed at times

    Matsumoto = Red
    Hamada = Blue
    Yamasaki = Green
    Tanaka = Purple
    Endo = Orange

    I still understood who was saying what but the colors still bothered me.

    Still, thanks for doing this.

  2. Thank you eChie for subbing this!

    I think the colors are:

    Matsumoto = Blue
    Hamada = Green
    Yamasaki = Pink
    Tanaka = Purple
    Endo = Red

  3. Nice work, thank you :)

  4. Thanks, eChie. I really enjoyed this. Any chance we can get some subbed manzai for future releases?
    To me, the translation is more important than the color coding. If it makes things harder, I wouldn't mind if the colors were left out completely.

  5. I'm the first poster.

    To second poster:
    I meant that those are the colors that the members are meant to have. Not the ones they have in the video.

    To forth poster:
    I agree, most of the subbed KiKi series is just standard black text.

  6. @Anon,
    I'll make the necessary corrections to the colors and re-post it.

  7. Since when did each member have designated colors? Who made up this rule? eChie, I say color it however you want, after all, you are doing all the work. The colors didn't bother me one bit. Thanks for your work!

  8. @Anons

    Thank you for your kind comments :)

    I'll see what I can do about manzai

  9. "Since when did each member have designated colors? Who made up this rule?"

    If you actually watch the videos you'll notice that even the Japanese that produce the show use these colors when they want to show what the members say. Why go against it when that's how it is?

  10. I don't see any colors being used by the producers of this clip

  11. Great episode, thanks!


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