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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Housou Shitsu #313

Matsumoto and Takasu talk about Yamasaki and Ryo's wives
Translated by eChie

Atsushi and Ryo Tamura
London Boots Ichi-gō Ni-gō (ロンドンブーツ1号2号, meaning "London Boots #1 #2") are a Japanese comedy duo (kombi) that originally performed manzai-style stand-up, but now are mainly known for their TV appearances and as hosts of a handful of off-the-wall variety shows. The two members are Atsushi Tamura (田村淳) and Ryō Tamura (田村亮), and though they have the same surname, there is no relation.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing more funny story with macchan and takasu san ! By the way, maybe it's a stup** question but, who's Ryo ?

    Thx for this video =)

  2. @Anon,
    I have added some info about Ryo from London Boots

  3. <== Anon~

    Thank you very much Zurui for these informations. Looking forward to watching your next video ;)


  4. is this actually true or is it just for jokes?

  5. Is there any chance anyone will sub 500 questions video where they first introduce Aya?

    I had no idea Yamasaki was even married until I saw this audio clip. I'd love to see and understand the video of her!