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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Housou Shitsu #254 Talk

Matsumoto and Takasu, talking about how poor Hamada was as a child.
Translated by: eChie


  1. Ahaha~ Macchan talked about this story in "gaki no tsukai hospital"~If I'm right ! I can't imagine eating this kind of bread xD

  2. Haha yeah i remember him talkin about this. that is too funny. mayo on frozen bread... ugh... disgusting! thx for the translation eChie

  3. thanks iChie for the translation..

    did you guys has Downtown talk or Manzai subs series? i love it but the forum has not much subs.

  4. @Stevensys

    I'm thinking to sub some of their manzai, but still looking for the good quality materials

  5. @Stevensye,
    There are some subbed manzai on YT.

  6. Zurui.. i think i have watch it all those with

  7. @Stevensys,
    Did you try this link?

  8. finish watch all at the forum also those with subs of


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