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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hey! Hey! Hey! - Morning Musume

When Morning Musume appeared on Heyx3 you could be assured it was going to be a funny episode. I've uploaded a few clips for your enjoyment.

2002 Minimoni
Sakura + Otome Gumi 2004
2003 Shuffles
ROMAN - My Dear Boy - Talk + Performance
2002 Summer Games
Def-DIVA - Ishikawa, Abe, Goto and Matsuura


  1. cool! two of my favourites, Hello!Project and Downtown, but unfortunately(?) i've watched all of these.

    any chance you'll be subbing some of the unsubbed Hey!x3 featuring the girls in the near future?

  2. How do we watch these? All I see are pictures and I don't know what to do... Help?

  3. Anon,
    The download links are posted on the file pages. I'm not sure if Zurui will stream these.

  4. where is the download??? freaking annoying i can't find where to download this

  5. If you read the big flashing thing at the top it would answer your question


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