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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey! Hey! Hey! Matsumoto talks about being a father

(2) Heyx3 clips - The first one features Downtown and Yamapi talking about babies. Matsumoto is hilarious as he talks about being a father.  The second one is a short clip of Machan and Hamachan arm wrestling (not subbed)


  1. Hi Zurui. Can you please upload without rar? Because I cannot download it. Only I can download is Windows Media Player and VLC player. :(
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    From Lovelyroses3

  2. Hi Rose,
    .rar file is a compressed file containing both of these clips, which will be playable in your VLC player. You just need to extract the .rar file using winrar. You can get it here Install winrar then right click on this .rar file and "extract"

  3. Its worked!!!!! Yahoooooo!!!
    Thank you so much, thank you thank you!!!
    Love youuuuuu
    You're the best!!!! :)
    Big hug

  4. How happy do I get when someone get's thanked so much. Great job mate. Really appreciate what you are doing for the GNT community.

  5. Hey Zurui, where's the file? It's it down? Thanks

  6. @Anon,
    This file is located in the "Other files" page

  7. i couldnt find it =( [other anonymous]
    sry zurui could you be more specific?

  8. @Anon,
    Sorry, I changed the site a bit, all download files are now located on the "download" page. If you are looking for the stream, it's not uploaded as of yet.


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