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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Minna no Ie (All About Our House) - Movie

Tanaka Naoki
Akiko Yagi

Koki Mitani directs this screwball comedy about the potential nightmare of building one's dream house. Naosuke Iijima (Naoki Tanaka) is a successful screenwriter who, along with his wife Tamiko (Akiko Yagi), is looking to build his very own house.

The film was nominated for six Japanese Academy Awards. Naoki Tanaka and Akiko Yagi were named as Newcomers of the Year; Tanaka also won the Most Popular Performer prize.

Minna no ie1 by GottsuMule

Part 2


  1. hi guys.

    thank you for all of ur work.
    direct download is OK for me.

    but i think torrent is better. :)
    just a suggestion

  2. why tanaka always in movie more than other gaki regular i wonder.

  3. @Anon 1,
    Yes, torrents are great if you have seeders. It's hard to get GNT stuff from torrents because of the lack of seeders, so when I do get something, I use direct download to solve that problem for everyone else.

    @Anon 2,
    Maybe Tanaka is a more versatile actor? ;)

  4. why put movies without links

  5. @Mar-chan
    Download links are located on the File pages

  6. ah thanks :-)

  7. I had downloaded but rar archive seems corrupted on this movie.I tried to repair,however...

  8. @Mar-chan,
    This movie is not a .rar file, are you sure it was this file?

  9. This movie was great, but not a comedy. :s
    anyway, thank you Zurui. I love your blog because you don't just show us to gaki no tsukai, but much other stuff from all of the members that we love. :3 Thanks so much!~ <3

  10. @Anon,
    Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy seeing the members in other projects as much as I do. :D

  11. yeah i think it isnt i try to look out again

  12. can u upload movies in other sites? like mediafire because i dun have a account for fileserve and they keep telling me i'm downloading files, thus i'm unable to download

  13. Hey! that's Endo Shozo at 53:55 part 2!!!

    1. I was watching this the other day and was going to post the same thing! lol