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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Matsumoto Crying

Matsumoto wants to see if he passed the college entrance exam.


  1. hello..

    could you please upload this on some hosting site since the copyright put the video off on youtube..i would like to download it..(sorry for my bad english)

    thanks in advance..

  2. @Anon,
    All of the download links are located on the File pages. This clip is on the "Batsu/Games Files" page above.

  3. is this for real? did he actually fail on his test? or is this a prank? im confused

  4. @Anon,
    No this isn't real

  5. yeah i figured it out right at the end lol

  6. what is actually happen? i cant figure it out...

  7. @Anon,
    Matsumoto is pretending to fail his college entrance exam.

  8. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    Personally I love it when he was screaming at the ground. Then later he was 'waiting' for nobody.

    Ma-chan is my favorite of 'em all. Followed closely by Endo(re)-san.

  9. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    what are the name of this batsu game..???


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