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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dai Nipponjin - Big Man Japan Movie

Big Man Japan
(大日本人 Dai Nipponjin) is a 2007 Japanese film written and directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto, and starring him in the title role.

A man known as Masaru Daisato has inherited the duty of protecting Japan against various monsters. He is able to grow several stories high, through the power of electricity. However, he is regarded as an outcast by his fellow citizens, and suffers under burden of a heroic heritage which overshadows his own less-than-shining accomplishments as a monster fighter. To make matters worse, in his personal life he is failing as well as both a father and a grandson.

Subtitle format: Soft Subbed (SRT)


  1. I recently saw another one of his movies,
    symbol ( and it was a pretty weird comedy

  2. This movie is hilarious, the ending just takes the cake!! I laughed through the entire last bit ^_^

    Symbol is also an amazing movie

  3. That's funny because I'm uploading Symbol now :D

  4. I downloaded this on the psn after coming across a review by Roger Ebert. It wasn't until i started watching the Batsu games last year did i realize it was Matsumoto. He is by far the funniest of the group in my opinion. I wish these shows were available on comcast or something