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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ashita Ga Aru Sa - TV Drama

Watch subbed episodes here
Download here


  1. Yahooooo!! Yes!! Thank you for posting. Can't wait make download :).
    Do u have facebook?

  2. Hi Lovelyroses3,
    Yes, my Facebook name is Zurui Otoko, I also have a fan page; Downtown - Gaki no Tsukai - Fan Subs.

  3. Perfecto! I will find u my facebook. :)

  4. God, please give Zurui the free time he needs to perform the great deed of subbing this show.

  5. You are THE BEST, Zurui!
    I wish I could help you somehow...

  6. @ASU,
    I wish you could too! LOL

  7. I'd love if you would be able to sub this !!
    Isit possible to use mediafire as a mirror though? Fireserve doesn't seem to work in my country and evidently, Mediafire seems to work for almost anyone :>

    Thanks for all the hard work !!

  8. OMG please, please do sub this. Just wanna say thank you for all the subs you've done. I know the subbing process is really time-consuming, and we appreciate your work a lot. I've always wanted Ashita ga Aru Sa to be subbed, it looks so interesting, with an awesome cast. So if at all possible, I'd appreciate if you sub at least some of the episodes, no matter how long it takes. Take your time yeah?

  9. The really time consuming part is the timing of the subtitles. If anyone would like to help me with the timing of these episodes, it would make things a lot faster. :D

  10. Zurui I recommend making a post on the blog asking for timers rather than posting in the comments section where people might not see it.
    That way hopefully someone will be able to help out!

  11. Can you upload it veoh??some will do

  12. I'd love if you would be able to sub this !!

  13. 1st episode now subbed.

  14. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    I love your subs and work, I wish you can continue subbing this.


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